Project management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources (e.g. people) in a way that the project is completed within defined scope, ...

Sample Interview Questions for IT Project Managers

I came across the following Behavioural Questions while being interviewed for Project Manager Post at Infosys.

1. Say you are the Project Manager for a team which gets an order to implement the company's flagship product to a new country/region for the very first time. What attributes would you consider to successfully establish this product in the region?

I understand the interviewer for looking for an answer which was aroung ROI (Return on investment)

2. A project is implemented, you being the project manager , how would you find that the all requirements stated in the Requirements document have been satisfied ?

Using Tracebility Matrix one can track the requirements.

3. Say you have a team for 4 members, out of these 2 team members are suppose to travel for implementation at a customer site next week. Say these 2 team members resign a day before they are about to travel? How would you handle such a situation?

4. Say you are gathering requirements at a customer site. For one such requirement you are suppose to get the requirements from a vendor who is going to lose his job after this project is implemented and thus this vendor is not cooperating while defining the requirements ? What would be your approach for tackling this situation?

5. What would you be your reaction when a project sponsor adds or keeps adding new requirements during System Integration testing?

6. What key attribitues would you be tracking while implementing a project?